Spring '12 / Week #4

This week we had 20 people playing, so 5 teams were formed and everyone played the same set of 4 games. Again, most people had a 2 week scale to go by (except for the guests who stopped by for the first time), so teams were formed with similarly scoring players together. Bonus points were earned by Mitch (on 2 games), Kevin, and Josh W. for getting the high scores for the night.

Spring '12 / Week #3

Starting this week, were formed by placing similarly scoring players with each other. It was Chris H.'s birthday so the first set of games were chosen by him. Also, Daryl joined us later in the evening when the games had already started so he wasn't able to get a full set of scores, but he was happy enough to play pinball with other people. Since there were 23 people who showed up, teams had to be split up; half of the groups played 1 set of games and the other half of the groups played a different set of games. Top scores for the night were achieved by Aaron W., David, Mitch, Kevin (on 2 games), Josh W., and Josh L. (on 2 games) so they were the ones who earned bonus points for this week.

Spring 2012 Standings

Spring '12 / Week #2

Week 2 of the season means that we still do not have enough points to place people on the 2-week-performance scale. So yet again everyone was randomly assigned to teams. Since we only had 4 teams this week, that meant that everyone played the same set of games. The games played last week were discarded from the randomly selected lineup to ensure that there was variety in the lineup. Bonus points were earned by Jim, Zoe (on 2 games), and Rich. Next week most players will have a 2-week-performance scale to go by, so players with similar scores will be playing each other.

Spring '12 / Week #1

So this was the first week of the new season, so that means that everyone's point totals were reset back to zero. Therefore, everyone was randomly assigned to teams since we do not yet have our 2 week performance rating to go by.  Star Trek: The Next Generation was the new machine on location so that was automatically in the lineup for the night; the other 3 games for the night were randomly selected.  Bonus points were earned by Aaron W., Jim, Zoe, and David for getting the top scores.

Seasons In Transition

Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall
Keep the world in time.
Spinning around like a ball
Never to unwind.

Winter '12 Wrap-Up Tournament

On Thursday, March 29 the EBPL had their League tournament as a closer to the season.  It was a single elimination (vs. opponent), with a best of 3 games per opponent.  Zoe, who finished first place in the tournament, earned an additional 80 points to her revised point total, giving her a final score of 185.5 points for the Winter 2012 season.  Aaron W. finished in second place in the tournament, which gave him an additional 60 points to his revised total, giving him a final score of 187.0 points for the Winter 2012 season.  Rich finished in third place in the tournament, so he earned an additional 40 points to his revised total, which gave him a final Winter 2012 score of 142.5 points.  Finally, Stephen finished in fourth place in the tournament, which awarded him an additional 20 points to his revised Winter 2012 score; he rounded out the final four by finishing the season with 129.5 points.  Congratuations to Zoe for winning 1st place in the EBPL Winter 2012 tournament, and congratulations to Aaron W. for having the most points overall in the Winter 2012 season. Zoe and Rich finished the Winter 2012 season with impressive jumps from 10th place to 2nd place, and 12th place to 3rd place respectively.   The tournament result scores are posted on the Winter '12 overall standings page.


Winners of the EBPL Winter '12 Tournament

The Final Four of the EBPL tournament:  Stephen (holding his daughter), Aaron W., Zoe, and Rich.

In 2 weeks we will start the Spring 2012 season; everyone will be back at zero points and will have to work their way up again.  So in a few months we will see who the next final four will be when we have our Spring 2012 tournament!

Winter '12 / Week #12

This week we had 20 people, so 5 teams were formed and everyone played the same set of 4 games.  This was the last week of standard League play for the Winter 2012 season, so points were especially crucial for everyone before our end-of-season tournament next week.  Bonus points were earned by David, Kevin R., Zoe, and Jim for earning the top scores for the night.


Winter '12 / Week #11

This week we had 21 people, including 3 newcomers.  6 teams were formed with 3 teams on 1 set of games, and the other 3 teams on another set of games.  Since more games were in the lineup, more bonus points were awarded.  Bonus points were earned by Jay, Kevin R., Jim, Erica, David, Stephen, Keith, and Jesse.

Winter '12 / Week #10

This week we had 15 people show up, so only 4 teams were formed; furthermore, the 4th team didn't even have a full 4 players.  Normally we have at least 5 teams on average, so this was a bit of a surprise to everyone.  Of course since there were only 4 teams, everyone played the same set of games:  Roller Coaster Tycoon, Addams Family, Whirlwind, and The Shadow.  Bonus points were earned by TJ, Zoe, Josh, and Rich for earning the highest scores on those games amongst everyone who played for the evening.

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