Winter '12 / Week #2

This week we had 20 players, so 5 teams were formed. Again, players were randomly placed onto teams since we do not yet have our 2-week's worth of performance points to rank everyone. Interestingly enough, team 3 claimed all the bonus points; TJ had the top scores for the night on 2 games and Aaron had the top scores for the night on the other 2 games.  Starting next week, players will be placed onto teams based on their previous 2 week's worth of scores.

Site Changes

Been working on the web site a bit, since our authoring tools flaked out a few months back.  We are now using google docs to handle all the data which will make things a tad easier.  One of these days I'll tag one of you java/php/ruby junkies to make up some sweet app.


More to come


Winter '12 Week #1

The new season was off to an exciting start.  Jim won last season's closing tournament yet again so he is now the 4 time defending champion.  Since this is the start of a new season, everyone's scores are back to zero again and thus players are randomly selected for team creation. Bonus points were earned by Jim, Kevin, Justin, Jay, Don, David, and Matt (on 2 games).  Matt definitely impressed a lot of players this week with his scores, so good job Matt!

Winter '12

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